September 15, 2015

The things you find . . .

. . . when you Google yourself!

I forgot about this blog page. But it documented a brief part of my history, so I am glad it was still up and I could sign in.

So now, it is time to provide an update - I am OPEN AGAIN!

Jacqui and I have opened Newburgh Mercantile in an old firehouse at the foot of Broadway, overlooking the Hudson River.

March 06, 2011

Blog update

Hello, I have been working hard on the blog, getting ready to launch in April. In the mean time you can follow me on Twitter; Like me on FaceBook; or watch videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

August 14, 2010

Frame Design Blog

Currently, I am creating a new blog that will feature great things about The Frame. This design oriented blog will cover the world (and I mean the World!) of framing. Please check back for details - the planned launch date is in the Spring.

May 01, 2010

Change in venue

At this time, I will not have a storefront where I can meet customers to design their framing. Hopefully the right location will become available in the near future.

Until then please free to contact me as I am still offering custom framing services. It is possible to meet you at your home or office to discuss your needs.

October 06, 2009

Liberty Street October Festival

Liberty Street - From Broadway to Spring Street.
Food - Kids activities - Art - Crafts - Vendors

Saturday October 10th from 10 AM to 4 PM (rain date Oct 11th)

Also included in the day's activities is the last "Art Along the Fence" for the 2009 season. Using the majestic wrought iron fence that greets visitors tothe Washington's Headquarters as a backdrop, we are gathering artists of all talentsand mediums to show their work in a NYC style outdoor display.Browse and buy art by regional artists in an urban street setting next to the park-likegrounds of the Headquarters and a view of the Hudson.

September 24, 2009

Art Along the Fence

Liberty Street in front of Washington's Headquarters
Saturday September 26th 10 AM to 3 PM (no rain date)

'Art Along the Fence' is a new series of art shows located in the Historic District ofthe City of Newburgh. Using the majestic wrought iron fence that greets visitors tothe Washington's Headquarters as a backdrop, we are gathering artists of all talentsand mediums to show their work in a NYC style outdoor display.

Browse and buy art by regional artists in an urban street setting next to the park-likegrounds of the Headquarters and a view of the Hudson. Enjoy the food establishments and many shops in the surrounding blocks. Also that day will be the Ann Street Market with locally grown produce, handmade crafts and live music.

August 25, 2009

Art Along the Fence

Liberty St. in front of Washington's Headquarters

Saturday August 29th 10 AM to 3 PM (rain or shine)

'Art Along the Fence' is a new series of art shows located in the Historic District ofthe City of Newburgh. Using the majestic wrought iron fence that greets visitors tothe Washington's Headquarters as a backdrop, we are gathering artists of all talentsand mediums to show their work in a NYC style outdoor display. Browse and buy art by regional artists in an urban street setting next to the park-likegrounds of the Headquarters and a view of the Hudson. Also enjoy the food establishments* and shops** in the surrounding blocks.

* cafe, bakery, ice cream, fish fry, burgers, tabbouleh and more.
** art supplies, framing, clothing, flowers, antiques, gallery & the ReStore.

Saturday August 29thOpen from 10 AM thru 3 PM - rain or shine84 Liberty Street (at Washington Street)in front of Washington's Headquarters NYS Historic Park

Future dates: Saturday September 26th
Also part of the Octoberfest on Saturday Oct. 10th (rain date 11th)

For more info contact Holly at 845-561-3351 or Eric at 845-238-7640
Artists that want to display can call or email for info and to reserve a space.
Email inquiries to

Also that day "Kites over the Hudson" on the grounds of the Headquarters
Free kites, prizes and snacks to children under 15.

Sponsored by the City of Newburgh and the Liberty Street Association.

July 15, 2009

This is what I call a frame!

If you want to see the epitome of the who, what, where and when of the fine art of frame making, there are few more impressive than Eli Wilner & Co in NYC. They have taken on a project that is quite monumental. In fact, it is a frame so big that it alone IS a monument.

Here is a link to a video from CBS's Sunday Morning program.

June 05, 2009

Flotilla Day

We will be one of many displays of artists down on the Waterfront this Sunday June the 7th from noon until dark. There will be various pieces of Hudson River & Newburgh themed art available for purchase - loose prints, both antique and reproduction; framed prints, posters, and more.

Be sure to see the new items being published by Mighty Hudson Press .

This day is part of the Quadricentennial Celebration and there will be hundreds of ships and boats docked in the bay. It should be a very special day to be at the river.

eFlyer for Waterfront events

November 21, 2008

Customer service guarantee

You can be confident that I will be very particular with your art, to be sure that it is wired to hang correctly. But it can happen to even the best of professionals, as in the following news item:

Top British Museum Mistakenly Hung Two Paintings Sideways For Years

Art historians say that the Tate Modern museum in London has been incorrectly hanging two paintings on their side, and have been doing so for years. A British arts journal says the artist's signatures reflect their need to be hung vertically.

A spokesman for the museum said, "We believe it's more appropriate for these two paintings to be hung vertically."Art critic Waldemar Januszczak said that American artist Mark Rothko "was always prevaricating over how his art should be shown."

"To me, the hang of these two paintings in the current exhibition seems right. But if it is clear that Rothko himself wanted them to be horizontal, you would be crazy to go against his wishes," continued Januszczak.


November 19, 2008

New business on Liberty St.

I want to welcome the new gourmet market called Moo & Oink. They also feature local produce and specialty foods.

Read the story about them in the TH-Record.

October 20, 2008

Newburgh art show gets reviewed by the NY Times

The current art show at the Ann Street Gallery was reviewed in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Click here to read it.

Congratulations to the curator and staff at Ann Street Gallery for such a recognition!

October 16, 2008

Street Fair this Saturday Oct 25th

On Saturday the 25th of October there will be an Octoberfest from 10 am to 5 pm. Join the community as we take the opportunity to enjoy an autumn day on Liberty Street.

If you plan on bringing something to be framed, please take into account that the streets will be closed and you might have to park a few blocks away.

September 19, 2008

Painting competition

The Hudson Valley Gallery, located in Cornwall-on-Hudson, has announced its "World's Smallest Stretched Canvas Painting Competition". First prize is $500 for the best painting done on a 1 inch by 2 inch canvas. You can download the entry form here or call them at 845-534-5ART.

Purchase the canvases here at Newburgh Art Supply for $1.99 each.

July 29, 2008

Profile in CANVAS newspaper

The regional arts newpaper Delaware & Hudson CANVAS did a profile on me. Thanks to the reporter for a great interview. Be sure to pick up a printed copy at various locations throughout the valley, such as Newburgh Art Supply 87 Liberty Street in Newburgh. Or you can read it here.

July 26, 2008

Opening a success!

Thanks to everyone that came by to see the new store and say hello. Thank you to those that helped make the day possible. We hope that all the positive energy and goodwill created today will continue to grow all along Liberty Street.

To view a video news report about the day click here. Thanks to the Newburgh Advocate for the coverage.

July 23, 2008

Grand Opening Event

Please join us for our Grand Opening on Saturday July 26th 2008 from Noon to 5 pm
After being closed for over 1 1/2 years, we are so excited about having a retail location once again. Jacqui and I have missed seeing our clients and friends. So please stop by to say hello and see the framing design counter.

For more details about all 3 shops at this location and the special event, click here to read the press release.

July 22, 2008

Article in THR newspaper

The Times-Herald Record printed a great article about all that is happening on Liberty Street.

Click here to view the article.

June 13, 2008

The new workspace

In addition to the new retail location, I have a new workshop under construction. It has lots of room and will allow me to handle even the largest framing orders; large sizes or large numbers.

May 29, 2008

April 17, 2008

Article in CANVAS

Custom Framing by Eric Jarmann on Liberty Street in New Supply Store

by Roanne Patterson

The old adage of when one door closes, another opens is true life for framer Eric Jarmann. Passion and being-in-the-right place are his new by-words. The story of how this happened is coming up, but for right now Jarmann is happy to have opened his new business last month at 87 Liberty Street in Newburgh across from Washington's Headquarters and down the street from Caffe Macchiato at 99 Liberty, where many of Jarmann's clientele hang out, since he sent them there a few years ago.

The story: Jarmann's last place of business for his framing work was at Strook Plaza (an historic building on Broadway) in Newburgh. For many reasons, this location did not turn out to work for Jarmann. So he closed that location and spent the next year and a half concentrating on finding the right setting that would work for his craftsman frames.

Michael Gabor had been a customer of Jarmann's from 1997. They knew they had an appreciation for each other's talents and skills, so when Gabor was set to open his new Newburgh Arts Supply store at 87 Liberty, "Instantly we knew we had a good idea," remembers Jarmann. "It takes a group effort to draw customers so that you give them excitement and a reason to come to you rather than to some other business," Jarmann noted.

Jarmann never minded being downtown in an historic district. Because people feel a draw to the history of Newburgh, more and more businesses are opening up in the Liberty/Grand Street area. "Some businesses can tell you who your customers are exactly by demographics, etc., but my work cannot be defined by other framers. My customers are interested in seeing the revitalization of an absolute connection with the spirit. Why they bought the piece of art in the first place is how they want it to look in their home," said Jarmann. His job is to give the buyer a frame as a presentation that sustains the original spark that the art owner wishes to remember in his, or her, daily life.

Jarmann's background includes graphic design, photography and restoring Victorian homes. All the elements of framing have come full circle with his other experiences; Glass, wood and paper. Now he has become interested in what is becoming a lost art, traditional French matting. "This formal process involves embellishing a mat board with ink lines and water color wash. I am studying this as well as gold leafing/gilding skills with some masters. Gilding is becoming more and more popular. It really lasts," said Jarmann.

"It is exciting to be located in the arts supply store because clients will discover that there are “project kits” in the store that might spur them to explore their own creativity."
"The second and third generation Newburgh (residents) love that Liberty Street has stayed true to its historic roots. Many of my clients are active in Newburgh's businesses and historic projects; they are mostly people interested in Old Newburgh. My reproductions of vintage Newburgh images have always sold well," said Jarmann who really misses his interaction with people in his shop. "I am excited to have a place where people can come in and catch up," said Jarmann whose work is by appointment only.

Call 845-238-7640 or email him at:

April 16, 2008

Record article

"By Doyle Murphy
Times Herald-Record
July 23, 2008

CITY OF NEWBURGH — On Saturday, Michael Gabor and Gerardo Castro will open their shop on Liberty Street across from Washington's Headquarters.

They'll have displayed the professional-quality art supplies and arranged the pencils made of newspapers just so. Castro will have decorated the windows with scenes of historic Newburgh.
To the north sits Caffe Macchiato — proof the upscale can draw people to borderline neighborhoods. Two blocks south, boards cover windows of vacant buildings. Broken glass lies on the sidewalks.

Maybe more than any other neighborhood in the city, this one captures Newburgh's dual nature. The mixture of perfect location — short walk to the waterfront, neighbor to a national landmark — and rough edges makes it both an affordable investment and a gamble. Castro and Gabor have wagered it will swing toward shops and apartments rather than burned-out buildings.
"This isn't just people talking anymore," Gabor said. "This is people moving."

As in moving into empty storefronts. Within five months, four new businesses geared toward the coffee-shop crowd are expected to open there. First, there's Gabor and Castro's venture, a three-in-one space that will house Newburgh Art Supply, The Palatine Shop and, in the back, Eric Jarmann's custom-picture frame shop.

Next comes a 2,000-square-foot specialty food market called Moo and Oink Market at Liberty and Washington streets. Andy Nunez said he and his business partner, Spencer Gulliver, plan to sell locally grown produce and meats along with Hudson Valley cheeses and gourmet imports. Nunez said they'll open about Labor Day.

Then there's the Cheesecake Lady. At first, the Cheesecake Lady was cautious talking about plans to move into the spot next to Gabor and Castro because she hasn't signed the paperwork. But she started talking about cheesecakes and, well, she's excited about cheesecake. Her name is Mary Lewis. She hopes to open about the same time as Moo and Oink.

Add Michele Basch's nearly completed plans to open a high-end restaurant with her chef husband, Dan Brown, by late fall or winter at Liberty and Ann streets and, real estate agent Miguel Marquez said, the neighborhood is reaching a tipping point — the mass of businesses needed to drive the redevelopment of the whole area."

April 15, 2008

Press Release for opening day


Worth the Wait – A Visual Feast!
Newburgh, NY, July 15, 2008.

After a delay in receiving merchandise, Newburgh Art Supply and The Palatine Shop are holding their Grand Opening on Saturday, July 26 from 12 noon – 5 :00 pm at 87 Liberty Street, in the heart of Newburgh’s Heritage Corridor. Now stocked with a complete inventory of art supplies, Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor are excited that they are ready for business. 
Newburgh Art Supply carries all the basics for professional and advanced artists including nationally recognized brands. You can also find student-grade materials that are more affordable, including kits to encourage beginners. They have also acquired a selection of handmade papers from around the globe. The shop is distinctive locally as the only arts supply store in Orange County, and nationally, as an art supply source concentrating on earth-friendly art supplies. They anticipate that their stock will evolve and grow in response to customer requests.

As an internationally exhibiting professional artist, Castro conveys his motivation “to help young people explore possibilities through art”. The store will provide a place to gain both information and inspiration. The shop’s mission embraces the spirit of sustainability by offering artists a cost-effective and convenient place to buy supplies typically found a distance away. Shopping locally helps the environment and the economy -- it contributes to Newburgh’s vitality as a “walk-able” city, saves gas and travel time, and creates commerce. In addition to seeing artwork displayed in the shop itself, the storefront windows will hold a special treat. Castro sees store windows as “The great hero of image communication – 3-D billboards bolted to the front of the store”. As promised, you won’t want to miss the opening windows dedicated to notable historic sites within the city of Newburgh!

The renovated store with its gleaming tin ceiling, schoolhouse light fixtures and ceiling fans, creates the feeling of an old-time shop found in the Newburgh of yesteryear. So it is fitting that The Palatine Shop, which grows out of Gabor’s passion for collecting Newburgh souvenirs, is located within the Newburgh Art Supply space. Whether a native or a transplant, Gabor describes how Newburgh “becomes a part of you” after spending time here. He recognizes how souvenirs convey a “pride of place” and regularly hears from people searching for mementos, even those who have left many years ago. The Palatine Shop, whose name pays homage to the posh Grand Street hotel that was razed during "Urban Renewal”, will offer a selection of antique souvenirs along with new ones -- such as postcards and greeting cards by local artists. Among the antique souvenirs is a broad collection of plates with images of Washington’s Headquarters, one of Newburgh’s most visited attractions. How serendipitous that the shop's door aligns precisely with the Headquarters’ gate across the street!

Newburgh Art Supply and The Palatine Shop are collaborating with the talented custom picture framer, Eric Jarmann, who will provide services to artists and the general public. You can contact him at Creating such synergy with area artists reflects the owners’ pride and commitment to their community. The first of several new businesses opening in the immediate locale this summer, they see the shops as filling a need in Newburgh’s burgeoning art community and retail scene. The shops contribute to the resurgence of the neighborhood, which has long shown promise as a retail and tourist hub. Other plans are to develop a monthly newsletter, which will feature a Project of the Month and a Young Artist of the Month, encouraging the public to embrace the arts. The shops’ websites will provide links to a comprehensive calendar promoting arts events and activities throughout the city of Newburgh.

For more information, contact Newburgh Art Supply at 845-561-5552 or and The Palatine Shop at 845-561-5558 or

April 12, 2008

Making plans

I am talking to someone that is opening an art supply store on Liberty Street. We are considering the possibility of renting a space in the rear of the store. I have known him for almost 10 years, as a framing customer actually.

April 05, 2008

Change is in the air

Hello all,

It looks like we will be reopening this spring!

The details are being sorted out, but our plans will be finalized soon. The space is a great old brick building across from Washington's Headquarters.

July 03, 2007

Great Frames

While I am digging up the past, I should post pictures of some of the more outstanding or unusual framing jobs that have come my way. Like the 50 year old wedding cake top decoration, partly made made from REAL icing . . . .

July 01, 2007

10 years of history

This blog is a great place to talk about some of the things that have happened over the last 10 years.
Some great and not-so-great things. Like, did I tell you the story about the BMW that crashed through the front window and drove 30 feet into the showroom? While we were in the store? No? Well when I dig out the pictures . . . . .

June 13, 2007


So, for the last 6 months I have been getting used to not having a retail shop/gallery. I have to admit that it feels good to not have the pressure of being there all day, everyday.

But now, I have started to get itchy for cutting and putting a frame together. It's time to setup a workshop!

November 26, 2006

A bit different now

Well, that is what the gallery used to look like (see below).

Today it is piled up with boxes and boxes . . . . you see we are getting ready to close the shop.

For now.

I hope that some time next year we can re-open in a new location, but for now it has to be this way.

Here is the letter that was mailed out:

"Nov. 13th 2006

After much thought we have decided to close the retail location at the Stroock Plaza. November 30, 2006 will be the last day here, although you will still be able to reach Eric at 845 238-7640.

My wife and I are considering other locations and we will keep in touch to inform you of any new developments. If you wish to be on our email list please send us a note to We will also maintain the web site and a blog which are listed below.

It has truly been our pleasure to have you as a client and we look forward to once again serving as your picture framers.

Eric and Jacqui Jarmann"

December 01, 2005

interior of gallery Posted by Picasa